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Will Litigators in Louisville

When a person dies and they leave behind a will or trust, it is hopeful everything will go as planned regarding the distribution of assets among family members or others. However, that does not always happen. In fact, will contests and other matters happen frequently. Whether you dispute the will of a loved one or have decided you need to dispute a trust, always seek out expert legal advice from knowledgeable attorneys at Michener Mullins & Arrington.

In some cases where one spouse unexpectedly outlives another, such as in situations where one spouse is significantly older than the other, disputes arise concerning the will. When these disputes happen, will reformation will be the crucial topic being discussed and litigated in court. Since it can be difficult to reform wills that are already legally-binding, turn to Michener Mullins & Arrington for sound legal advice.

How to Dispute a Will or Trust

Even though wills and trusts often spell out a loved one’s final wishes in very clear terms, many people still dispute a will or dispute a trust for various reasons. These can include claims the person was not mentally competent at the time their will was written, it was written under duress, or other matters that often need a court decision before being resolved. If you have questions regarding a will and will contests, never leave these questions unanswered. To know exactly where you stand in this important matter, consult with Michener Mullins & Arrington.

Will Reforming & Mediation

From reforming wills to assisting in mediation efforts to help resolve disputes with trusts or wills, the legal team at Michener Mullins & Arrington can be trusted to help with the most complex legal matters. Rather than place the fate of a will or trust with attorneys who rarely deal with estate planning, schedule a meeting today with Michener Mullins & Arrington.

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