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Divorce Lawyers in Kentucky

Divorce is typically an emotionally trying experience that could prove complicated and contentious. That said, separating spouses must resolve several pertinent legal, personal and financial matters.


Michener Mullins & Arrington, family dispute lawyers serving the residents of Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding areas invites individuals considering this life event to read the following brief blog discussing the issues needing resolution and the reasons hiring a divorce lawyer could prove beneficial.

Asset Allocation

Divorcing couples must distribute their marital assets, which are the property accumulated during their marriage’s duration, in accordance with State law. Kentucky follows the equitable distribution principle, which mandates existing assets be divided as evenly and equitably as a court deems fit. A divorce attorney can help clients locate assets and identify issues an adjudicating body should consider before rendering a decision. 

Spousal Support

Alimony is a type of economic sustenance payment one spouse might remit to the other if the divorce has the potential to cause undue financial distress for one of the parting factions. Many factors enter into an adjudicating body determining the specific payment amount the receiving party will be remitted. Moreover, there is no guarantee the appealing party will be awarded the benefit. A divorce lawyer can help a client determine if they would be eligible for alimony and identify factors that play into a court’s ultimate decision regarding final payments. 

Parenting Plan

Divorcing spouses who are the parents of minor children are strongly encouraged to create amicable parenting plans. These legally-binding agreements contain pertinent information regarding which parent will hold physical custody, visitation schedules for the non-custodial parent, schedules dictating which parent will host the children in question on weekends, holidays and summer vacation and how other responsibilities like higher education and health insurance costs will be delegated. A divorce attorney can help a client negotiate and author a fair and balanced arrangement. 

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