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Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical malpractice occurs when a hospital, health officer, or any health care professional’s negligence causes injury to a patient. Acts considered negligent by medical malpractice attorneys include erroneous diagnosis, administration of wrongful treatment, inadequate aftercare services, or wrong health management procedures.

For any wrongful action to be considered medical malpractice, it has to have several characteristics, as explained below:

Violation of the standard care

For medical professionals, there are certain standards of quality service that they should adhere to in their practice. They are referred to as the standards of care. Every patient has the right to receive health care in line with these standards, and in the case, the standards are not met, the patient can seek the services of malpractice lawyers and sue for negligence.

An injury resulted from negligence

A medical practitioner may fail to procure his or her duty as a professional, often coined as negligence. This automatically qualifies to be categorized under medical malpractice. Acts of negligence, such as leaving surgical tools in a patient’s body, procuring the wrong surgical procedure on a patient, or administering the wrong dosage, all fall under this category. Malpractice lawyers are tasked with proving that due to the violation and negligence, the patient suffered an injury, which would not have happened had the medical profession followed the right steps. The presence of an injury without a direct link to the act of negligence is not an actionable case.

Damages resulted from the injury

Medical malpractice attorneys are always tasked with providing enough evidence that the injury inflicted from the act of malpractice resulted in damages that would have otherwise been avoided. The damages include disability, effects on productivity, unnecessary pain, and hardship. There should also be evidence that the damage might lead to future medical bills. Due to the high costs of pursuing negligence cases, for small damages, pursuing the case may be more costly than covering the damage. 

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