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Guardianship Lawyers in Kentucky

The process of guardianship is a legal process with specific rules and regulations that govern it. For someone to become the legal guardian of another person that they did not biologically create, they need to work through the guardianship process with a guardianship attorney.

What the guardianship attorney can tell you is that there are different kinds of ways to be a legal guardian. There is medical guardianship, elder guardianship, adult guardianship, and plenary guardianship. Each has a specific meaning and purpose in our legal system.

Plenary Guardianship

Someone might be granted plenary guardianship by a court as an example if that same court deems that the person that is being requested guardianship over does not have the ability to care for themselves. This can happen when someone simply does not have the mental capacity to care for themselves or for a variety of other reasons. The court may deem it to the benefit of the state and society as a whole to deem another individual as the guardian of that individual.

Adult Guardianship

Adult guardianship is not as easy or straightforward as gaining this legal status over a minor. The courts tend the defer to the judgement of an adult and the choices that they want to make for themselves. However, there are instances when the court will grant this if they can see clear benefits for the adult in question. 

Medical Guardianship

Elder guardianship and medical guardianship often fall into the same or similar buckets as the elderly frequently need someone (typically a family member) to help make decisions for them related to the medical care as they near the end of their life. This legal process simplifies things for the hospitals and care facilities that care for the elderly. 

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