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Business Litigation in Kentucky

Individuals or companies conducting any type of business may become involved in commercial litigation at some point. When such circumstances arise, said entities will likely require the assistance of a business litigation attorney.

Michener Mullins & Arrington, commercial litigation attorneys serving the residents of Louisville and surrounding Kentucky cities, invites business proprietors to read this short work discussing several common types of commercial disputes.

Breach Of Fiduciary

A fiduciary is an individual or establishment bestowed the responsibility of overseeing and ensuring the financial well-being of another party. For example, someone appointed Trustee to a Trust Fund or a Financial Advisor has the legal responsibility to act strictly on their client’s behalf. Fiduciaries who do not act in their client’s best interests, or in even worse circumstances, act for their own personal benefit, have violated their fiduciary duties. 

Breach Of Contract

Typically, numerous business transactions and relationships are based upon written contracts detailing the responsibilities one party is expected to perform and the reward the receiving party offers in return. Should either entity stray from said mandates, they might have committed breach of contract and might need to consult a business litigation attorney. 


Fraudulent actions can take countless forms and is a noted facet of business litigation. That said, certain issues are common with such acts, including an individual or establishment remitting money for goods or services they neither received nor met the standard promised by the seller or when the perpetrating entity engaged in some type of falsehood designed to trick others for their personal or financial gain. 

Partnership Disputes

One of the most common commercial disputes involve partnership conflicts. For example, if a business or organization becomes successful, one founder might feel they are being squeezed by the other. Such circumstances often result in commercial litigation. 

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