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While it is a fact most of us don’t like to face, the day will come when you die and leave loved ones behind. When this happens, it is best to have thought ahead and have a last will and testament or perhaps a trust in place. By doing so, your final wishes will be clear to family and friends, making it easier for your estate to be passed on with little or no confusion or dispute. Since real estate and other valuable assets will likely be included in wills & trusts, speak to an estate attorney at Michener Mullins & Arrington to learn more about what is involved in creating these important documents.

Unfortunately when loved ones die, family members sometimes become embroiled in disputes as to which assets should be given to them. If these disputes involve real estate, the process can be drawn-out and bitter. Rather than let this happen, work with a real estate attorney at Michener Mullins & Arrington to determine the best way to divide up your real estate so that taxes and other costs will be minimized.

Living Trust Attorney

If you are considering a trust rather than a last will and testament, a trust lawyer can be of invaluable assistance. Whether you want to establish a living trust to avoid probate or need advice on how to choose a trustee to handle your affairs once you pass away, a trust lawyer or real estate lawyer can explain key differences between wills & trusts.

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Since you are sure to have many questions that only an experienced real estate lawyer can answer, schedule a consultation today with a real estate attorney at Michener Mullins & Arrington. In doing so, you can gain the peace of mind you need while working with an estate attorney you can trust.

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